Ingham Drilling commenced operation in 1978 in Ingham, North Queensland, and proceeded to forge an enviable reputation in the water drilling industry through out northern Australia under the guidance of owner/operator, Norm Bliesner.

Ingham Drilling relocated to Cairns in 2005 and proceeded to add environmental and exploration drilling to its portfolio.

Now, with additional trained personnel and equipment, Ingham Drilling offers a range of drilling services from its premises at Davis Road, Edmonton, just south of Cairns.

Our licensed water well drillers, support staff and management are sourced from various drilling and business sectors across Australia. Field staff constantly update their individual competencies, safe work practices, risk assessment and management training in line with industry regulations and Ingham Drilling’s own very high standards.

After 35 years in the industry, Ingham Drilling management and staff have immense respect for our unique environment and precious groundwater. With the addition of a vacuum unit in our line up we are in a position to deliver minimal environmental impact on all sites.