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Ingham Drilling's branded drilling truck used for water bore drilling in Cairns

Drilling Contractor Services in Queensland

Our expert team of drilling contractors providing drilling solutions in Far North QLD with over 40 years of experience.

Since 1978, Ingham Drilling has been providing a wide scope of expert drilling and water boring services in Cairns and beyond. We work with all residential, commercial, industrial, and rural clients throughout Far North Queensland, from Port Douglas, down to Ingham and beyond.

Leaders In Water Drilling

Since our beginnings, Ingham Drilling has gone on to forge a great reputation in the water bore drilling industry, under the guidance of owner/operator, Norm Bliesner – a Class 3 licensed driller. Ingham Drilling is your leading bore drilling company in northern Queensland.

Relocating to Cairns in 2005, Ingham Drilling went on to expand its portfolio, adding environmental drilling and borehole monitoring and exploration drilling to its scope of works.

Compliant Drilling Contractors

Our field staff constantly undergo training to be in line with industry regulations, as well as Ingham Drilling’s own very high standards.

  • Individual competencies
  • Safe work practices
  • Risk assessment and
  • Management training 

Meet The Team Of Our Drilling Experts

Norm Bliesner ingham drilling

Norm Bliesner

Director/Consultant/Class 3 Driller

Some people say that drilling fluid flows in Norm’s veins. He has been involved in the drilling industry since 1968 when he began as a driller’s offsider with the (then) Irrigation and Water Supply Commission.

He holds a Class 3 Driller’s Licence and the expertise he has gained over a 40-year period in the drilling industry is extremely valuable in his own business and in the consultancy field.
He has been a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association for over 20 years.

Jared Bliesner

Business Manager
Jared grew up among the machinery, mud, and mechanics of the Ingham Drilling workshops and sites. Following his stint at university, he headed to the city for seven years where he was fortunate enough to have a mentor who taught him a range of business skills and encouraged him to utilise them. As a consequence, he returned to Ingham Drilling in 2005 to step into the challenging role of manager and logistics controller.

Jason Younger

Head Driller/Class 2 Driller

Jason came on board in 2007. He has completed further extensive training since joining Ingham Drilling and has gained his Driller’s Licences and several competencies. Jason has obtained his Class 2 Driller’s Licence.

Adam Moore

Licensed driller/Class 2 Driller

Has has been in the business since August 2020. Class 2 driller. Has worked for other mining companies previously, has a heap of experience before coming to Ingham Drilling.

James Davies

Coming Soon

Professional Drilling Contractor Services Since 1978

At Ingham Drilling, we are proud of our reputation as the leading drilling contractor in Cairns, Queensland and we have four decades of experience.

We have worked with homeowners across the state to create boreholes and we have also completed jobs for businesses in a wide range of industries.

We work closely with the local authorities to ensure all relevant permits and permissions have been granted, and we will also complete a drilling log for your borehole and submit this to the local government.

Our Qualified Drillers Are Committed To Excellence

At Ingham Drilling, all of our team are highly skilled, fully trained and insured, so you can count on us for whatever drilling project you have coming up.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality work and exceptional customer service, and if you have any enquiries about drilling water boreholes in Cairns, we will be happy to advise you on the best solution.

With decades of experience, we know where to best locate your borehole, what the best method of drilling is, and can explain the most efficient way to ensure your water quality.

Cairns' Trusted Bore Drilling Company

With happy clients throughout the state, Ingham Drilling is proud to be Cairns’ leading water boring company, with a growing team of talented individuals.

We continue to offer new services including borehole monitoring and maintenance & exploration drilling, and we will complete a full risk assessment before completing any job for your safety and security.

We use the very best materials when completing our drilling contracts and we continue to invest in the latest drilling equipment and technology.

All of our team carry the relevant licenses and permits to complete drilling work in line with the latest industry standards and we are committed to continuous improvement through training and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to drill a borehole?

The cost of drilling a borehole will depend on how deep we need to drill and where your property is located but in general the price ranges from $2000 to $5000. For a more accurate price, call us today on 07 4222 6666 for a specific quote for your borehole drilling project.

Do I need permission to drill a borehole?

If you want to drill a borehole in Cairns, you will need to contact the local government to find out if you need approval including a water license or a development approval. Before drilling a borehole, you will need to instruct a groundwater assessment to ensure your borehole will be successful. You will also need to employ an approved drilling contractor who holds a current Queensland driller licence.

What does a driller contractor do?

A driller will come to your property, complete a groundwater assessment and when the correct approval has been given, drill a borehole underground. They can then install a bore casing, and a pump and make sure your borehole is ready to use. The driller will also make sure your job is completed to the relevant industry standards and submit a drill log form to the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.