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Ingham Drilling's branded drilling truck used for water bore drilling in Cairns

Trusted & Local Bore Drilling Company in Cairns

Ingham Drilling are your local experts when it comes to professional drilling and water boring in Cairns. For almost 50 years, we have provided our services to countless clients all throughout Far North Queensland, working everywhere from Port Douglas and Cairns, down to Ingham and beyond.

Our wide scope of services includes:

Over the years, we have developed a firm presence in the industry – providing excellent customer service, unparalleled high-quality workmanship, and competitive rates. Ingham Drilling is the leading bore drilling company in northern Queensland.

Our Drilling Services North QLD

We carry out a wide range of water boring services. We can drill bores in a variety of different sizes, working with all residential and rural clients throughout northern Queensland.

Our multipurpose drilling rigs are equipped to carry out various types of exploration drilling and consulting for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.

We provide a wide scope of environmental monitoring bores for many different projects and works around Queensland. Our expert crew will have your needs covered.

Our licensed drillers are highly experienced and qualified to provide test drilling programs on a variety of sites. We test bores, choose which one has the most water, and go from there.

Our Class 3 driller can provide drilling supervision onsite, ensuring Class 2 drillers follow all safety processes and that the job is carried out to full expectations.

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Drilling ring is drilling a water bore hole

How The Bore Drilling Process Works

We have been assisting clients across the North of Queensland for decades, so we think it is only fair that we help you learn about the processes involved in all of this.

  • First of all, a hydrogeological survey is carried out so we have a clear picture of the amount of water available.
  • It is vital in determining if the water is of good quality.
  • We determine how much the boring will cost in terms of time and money.
  • After checking and validating the relevant permissions, we can begin our work.
  • We begin with the drilling, followed by the necessary pipework.
  • We then test the pump and the water to ensure it is definitely safe to drink. This can all take up to a month, but only because of how meticulous it needs to be.
A drill is drilling a hole in the ground in Cairns, QLD

The benefits of a borehole

What are the advantages of a water borehole?

  • It is an investment that will inevitably bear fruit over time.
  • The running costs of a water borehole are very low.
  • It is much cheaper than water from the mains in the long term. A new borehole can run for a long while, usually for a lifetime if it is comprised of the right materials.
  • Our new boreholes are well-constructed, usually with PVC or stainless steel. 

With our designs, we make sure that our bores can last as long as they need to. We also ensure that the water enters the bore slowly to prevent any issues with sediment or silt.

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A drill is drilling a hole in the ground in Cairns, QLD
Ingham Drillin's branded drilling machinery
Ingham Drillin's branded drilling machinery

Ingham Drilling is comprised of the most experienced drillers in Queensland who will take care of your commercial, rural or industrial water bore drilling needs. 

We hold all relevant licences and are qualified to carry out a large array of different works. We are well known in the area for our expertise in the industry, having provided professional bore hole drilling and related works since 1978.

With extensive knowledge of the area, and a trusted crew of expert operators, you can be sure that you are dealing with one of the best drillers and water borers in the state.

Ingham Drilling has a loyal and long-standing customer base, and our business has expanded immensely, in part thanks to positive word of mouth.

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Frequently asked questions

What actually is a borehole?

You would be surprised by how common this question is. Simply put, a borehole is a chamber that has been drilled into the ground. It can be done for several reasons, but chief among them is extracting water.

What size are your bores?

This depends on the type of borehole – for residential use, we keep them between 5 and 6 inches. For larger-scale projects (usually irrigation) we use 8-10 inch bores, though other sizes are available if required.

Is the bore drilling process noisy?

The drill can be noisy, so it is best to tell your neighbours that drilling will be underway. Some waste material will also be produced by the drilling process, which we will endeavour to contain.