Water Boring Cairns QLD

Bore water is drilled by Ingham Drilling company in north QLD

Water Bore Drilling Servicing Far North Queensland

Ingham Drilling provides a wide range of water boring services in Cairns and surrounding areas. We work with all residential clients throughout Far North Queensland, servicing properties from Port Douglas down to Ingham and beyond.

If you’re in need of a new bore on your property, the expert team at Ingham Drilling is here to help. We can drill bores in the following sizes:

This service is mostly suited to residential use. We also carry out high volume bores:
This is generally employed for irrigation and large supplies of water. Our 12-inch border is mainly used for town water supplies.
PN12 PVC ware bore casing for agricultural watering in Cairns

Water Bore Sizes & Materials

We provide PN12 PVC casing for all water bores, as well as stainless steel casing for some applications. This type of casing is able to withstand higher water pressure, supplying greater amounts of water. Stainless steel casing is generally longer-lasting and more fortified overall.
If you require bores in any other sizes than otherwise specified here, please contact the team at Ingham Drilling.
Ingham does noes provide wet or dry hires – we use all our equipment and crew.

Call us today for a consultation and quote. We also provide exploration drilling, and test drilling programs.

PN12 PVC ware bore casing for agricultural watering in Cairns
New installed Water Bore — Ingham Drilling system in Ingham
New installed Water Bore — Ingham Drilling system in Ingham

Rural & Residential Water Bore Drilling

Ingham Drilling offers a dependable water bore drilling service for our rural and residential clients. We have tailored our services to meet the needs of smaller projects around domestic properties so that we can offer a useful water boring service for residential and rural customers.

Our water boring solutions for residential and rural clients take their specific needs into consideration. We opt for smaller machinery to help us navigate through tight areas on the property to help maintain the integrity of the land. Our focus is not only on providing a water boring service but to ensure that we leave a tidy, undamaged worksite.

By downsizing our machinery to allow for smaller job sites, we can offer our water boring services to residential and rural customers who are looking to keep their property as untouched as possible.

Learn about some of the benefits of an off-the-grid water system for your home and business.

Water hole drilling machine used in Port Douglas to drill water bores for agricultural use

Commercial & Industrial Water Bore Drilling

Our services at Ingham Drilling extends into commercial and industrial water bore drilling that covers a wide range of project sizes. We can provide a solution that offers high-yielding bores and pumps across all types of commercial and industrial sites.

We provide our specialists with the latest technology that allows them to tackle difficult terrain and hard-to-reach locations. Our work causes minimal environmental impact and is professionally completed to meet budgets and deadlines. With a commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional health and safety protocols, Ingham Drilling always offers exceptional service.

Water hole drilling machine used in Port Douglas to drill water bores for agricultural use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a chance that there is no water on my property?

A: There is always going to be water under your property somewhere, the real question is how much, and is it any good? To answer those questions accurately, it takes some expertise, and that is where we come in. Ingham Drilling has years of industry experience and understands what to look for when searching for water on a property.

Q: Does my bore need to have a meter fitted to it? Will people need to pay for the water?

A: This will depend on the type of bore in place, for residential and rural purposes you will not need a meter though and no payment is necessary for water usage.

Q: How much does it cost to drill a bore on my property?

A: Our services are tailored to the needs of the job and our customers. As such, we cannot offer fixed pricing. To come to our final price, we need to look at multiple variables including how deep we had to drill, the time taken to develop the bore and other factors.

Q: Do I need to use a licensed driller for my bore?

A: Not only is it advisable to use a reputable professional for this service, but all states in Australia require water drillers to hold the appropriate license. This guarantees that the work is to a set standard and if anything goes wrong, the contractors are accountable and not you. Unlicenced drilling is a recipe for disaster that can cause damage to aquifers as well as the surrounding environment.