What Does A Drilling Company Do?

If you don’t work in the construction industry, you might not know about the crucial role drilling companies play in making commercial and industrial projects possible. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at what a drilling company does and why you should hire the services of a professional.

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Big drilling machine is working on a contraction site to bore water holes

Water Boring

One of the most essential tasks carried out by drilling companies in Australia is water boring. Water boring is the process of extracting water that has seeped into the ground after rainfall. This water is stored in the spaces between rocks and soil, known as aquifers.

To bring this water to the surface, professional drilling companies use a bore or a network of bores to drill a hole into the ground to reach the water, case the hole with steel and pump the natural water to the surface using a borehole pumping system for it to be collected.

It is essential to hire a reputable drilling company to complete this service as they need to have an appropriate license. If anything goes wrong during the water boring process that causes damage to the aquifer or surrounding environment, the contractor will be held accountable, not you.

Exploration Drilling

Exploration drilling is the process that takes place before development drilling can commence. This drilling process allows for the extraction of fluid and rock samples for analysis, as well as obtaining temperature measurements. This allows construction or oil companies to have access to valuable information about the subsurface and whether it is the right location to commence development drilling.

Drilling companies use several different methods for exploratory drilling, including thermal gradient holes, slim holes, exploratory wells and core holes, which are usually much shallower, smaller, and faster to drill than injection and production wells. This makes gathering subsurface data much more affordable so that development can proceed at a low cost.

Environmental Drilling

Drilling companies also carry out environmental drilling services in order to delineate and investigate subsurface conditions and monitor them over time. This data may then be collected to confirm or monitor the efficacy of remediation efforts and identify log water table depths and groundwater or soil contamination.

Environmental drilling can include several probing and drilling techniques, including probe or direct-push sampling, hollow-stem auger drilling and water bore drilling. Professional environmental drilling services allow businesses to make sure that the location is suitable for boring while remaining compliant with industry safety standards and regulations, even in areas with difficult terrain.

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